Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 3 Exercise to Burn Calories

This is Day 3 of my 90 days to a slimmer waistline- a slimmer and healthier me. The question pops every now and then. Do I really need to exercise to burn calories? Exercise to burn calories…I say the words aloud. I need to befriend these words. Exercise to burn calories. I repeat. I could feel my body resist a bit.
I remember I made a commitment to exercise daily! I have to remember I made that commitment because there are moments when I hear myself think, “Gosh I’m so exhausted at work today. Can I just skip exercising?” I had to bring my aunt to the doctor and I would arrive home later than usual. Temptations. Temptations. And it’s only Day 3! Imagine that! The commitment helps. The 90 day goal helps. I push myself out of my comfort zone of wanting to rest and start exercising! I remember I need to exercise to burn calories. I laughed aloud at my silliness.  Read more

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