Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 1 Lifestyle Changes Begin in the 90 Day to a Slimmer Waistline Program

Excited!  That’s what I actually felt today –day 1 in my 90 day to a slimmer waistline program. In fact I was so excited I found myself up by 5 am!  With the sun barely awake, I wore my jogging pants and shirt, drank four glasses of water with lime and began my brisk walk using the treadmill.  The house was quiet as a mouse since everyone was still asleep.  I turned the television on for company.  The Lifestyle channel proved to be a good one as I watched Tough Love, and reflected about relationships as the girls tried to discover more of who they are while attempting to get to know certain male partners.  30 minutes passed by quickly.  It sure felt really good sweating.  Most of all, I felt a surge of pride and joy for myself for I recognize several essential things.  Read more

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